Live Streaming and Webcasting

Let our team of industry professionals help make your next event virtual! Through the power of Live Streaming & Webcasting, the options are endless. Our design team will make sure every detail is tailored to your event’s specific needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you go virtual! We also offer complete video production services – if you are looking to do a prerecorded or hybrid style event, we’ve got you covered!

– Community Events
– Graduations
– Wedding Ceremonies
– Corporate Events
– Press Conferences
– Concerts
– Sporting Events
– Cycling and Car Races

We offer complete end-to-end video production services. Delivering content in Full HD, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in both audio and video quality. Here are a few specifics of what we have to offer:

– Simulcast to multiple platforms with option for private video link (Ex. Facebook Live & YouTube Live)
– Redundancy (Our packages are designed to be completely redundant – we take care of backup internet and backup power)
– Mobile broadcasting (Stream from anywhere! We can provide generators and mobile LTE internet connectivity)
– Instant-Replay and Highlight Videos (For sporting, racing and other action packed events. Never miss a moment!)
– Social media integration (Display live feedback from your audience on screen!)
– Support for multiple conference-style interactions (Have guest appearances on your stream!)
– Large deployments (We stock enough cabling and distribution equipment to cover massive distances, great for bike races!)
– Live drone feed (Add a unique view to your event)
– COVID-19 aware (Our COVID action plan ensures the safety of our team members, our clients and the general public that we may be in contact with)