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ValleyTech’s primary goal is to provide affordable, high class and professional service to all of our clients. From site visits to one on one meetings prior to your event, you can be assured there won’t be any surprises on the day of.

We provide a “One Stop Shop” for all your production needs:

-Event Services
-Site Power Services (Diesel Generators etc.)
-Information Technology; Mobile servers, WIFI Hotspots, Mobile Internet Connections
-DJ Services
-Installation and Integration

About Shae Skerry, Founder

“Mixing” 2016

Shae has a long history working with audio on a professional level in many different fields. In 2013 Shae attended Pacific Audio Visual Institute and graduated with a diploma in audio engineering and production. During his time at PAVI, he received training on everything from video post production, recording, live sound and much more. Prior to attending PAVI, Shae was employed as a installation technician; designing and installing high end car audio systems in cars, truck, boats and more. Although this was somewhat fulfilling, it was not what Shae had in mind as a career.

“Karaoke” 1996

Shae’s fascination with live sound and production dates way back into the 90’s. As a young child, Shae was always cobbling together sound systems made with parts that were giving to him, or things he found at garage sales.  He always provided the DJ + Karaoke service at his younger sister’s birthday party’s using his make shift PA system’s. Shae was always dissembling electronics and trying to create things out of junk.

Since infancy, Shae has always been in attendance of the Mission Folk Music Festival. As soon as he was of age (12 years old) he started volunteering in the production department. He was assigned to stage crew, and helped with the changeovers. Throughout the years, Shae volunteered on and off. He got to work with many people and learned how real sound equipment is setup and used. He eventually went on to running a stage as crew chief and stage manager. The Folk Festival is now one of ValleyTechs biggest clients.

“Lighting OP” 2006

During high school Shae was always involved in the theatre department. This is where he first got his hands on lighting, and learned how exciting it can be to turn a boring space into something completely different with just lighting. For the majority of Shae’s high school career, he was responsible for lighting design, operation and maintenance. Shae always helped with other production requirements with the schools band, and other events.

Since Shae’s graduation from PAVI, he has taken on multiple clients and drastically expanded the services him and his company can provide. Shae’s large portfolio of experience and attention to detail make him and ValleyTech your number one choice for everything production. Don’t just take our word for it, see what people are saying about us on our testimonials page.