John Deere “DEMO International 2016”

Event: DEMO International 2016
Client: PRO-SPEC Production Services / John Deere

We where hired to provide site wide WiFi as well as wired internet to the main tradeshow tent as well as the tech tent. This event was held deep inside the UBC Research Forest in Maple Ridge, BC. Normal cell phones had little to no service, and no wired connections where available within kilometers. This was a very unique event for ValleyTech, this not only was a trade show for all of the big names in forestry equipment, it was also a live demonstration of said equipment.

Using propriatary software, we found that we could get line of site comunication with one of the cell phone towers downtown maple ridge. We set up a directional cellular antenna and using compass and gps coordinates where able to aim the antenna perfectly at the tower. This resulted in 87% signal strength and a 4G LTE connection. Using high quality outdoor networking equipment from Ubiquity, we where able to provide wifi service to the entire John Deere lot. These services where used for point of sales, and demo’ing of John Deeres latest connected technologies.

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